33 Images of Hilarity and Despair


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  1. Posted by tuhlman24, — Reply

    I thought it Debra was gonna ask her not to do heroin in class but I gotta be honest Debra I’m disappointed

  2. Posted by uniwolfgurl, — Reply

    This has the same energy as the vine that goes “you can’t sit with us. aCtually Meghan, I cant sit anYwhere. I have hemorrhoids ”

  3. Posted by nuvolafs, — Reply

    Yeah Debra shut the fuck up

  4. Posted by blwade07, — Reply

    There's this guy that sits at my table in homeroom that has diabetes, his dad took away his phone and he was like 'uhm, I need that to check my blood sugar lmao'

  5. Posted by squishieyoongi, — Reply

    me: *has asthma and is having trouble breathing* random person: “why don’t you just breathe” me: “bruh why didn’t i think of that”

  6. Posted by mEmEs_1251, — Reply

    once i was having an asthma attack in the middle of the mile run and some kid goes “are you taking drugs right now?!” n i said “no Susie in trying to stay alive”

  7. Posted by ToriHanson_1776, — Reply

    Idk why but when I read “Debra” I lost it😂. Also one time I took my inhaler at gymnastics and one of the meaner girls on my team was like “umm what are you doing” (in a snotty voice) and I just responded with “well I don’t know. Maybe trying to BrEaThE” and she just kinda looked away😂 Edit: holy shoot guys I come back to look at this and I have like over 40 likes🤪

  8. Posted by andioop001, — Reply

    I feel like "Debra" in this situation could have just looked the other way, plus I'm guessing they weren't making a big deal over the insulin shot so I DOUBT that it was cus of a fear of needles and moreso because Debra is a douche™

  9. Posted by demonofthedarks, — Reply

    Everyone here giving shade to Debra while i'm here thinking.. 🤔 why do those wires not continue towards his back!! Are they attached to him? 🤨 What? How?

  10. Posted by 0kb00mer, — Reply

    sTop judging debra though? mAYBE she has a phobia of needles. Maybe she thought it was something else. Maybe she was wORRIED that she was trying to hurt herself. don’t. judge. debra.

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